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How Startups Gain Opportunity During The Crisis

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Exabytes Digital Day On Air : How Startups Gain Opportunity During The Crisis akan diisi oleh pembicara sebagai berikut :

1) Mario Lasut, CMO Finansialku
2) Peter Shearer, Founder dan CEO Wahyoo Group
3) Indra Hartawan, Country Manager Exabytes Indonesia

These are some topics we’ll discover:

  • How the startups see this situation, as a problem or an opportunity?
  • What has happened so far? Still funding? Still hiring?
  • What are the new opportunity you found in this situation? what are the new strategy you implement?
  • How PSBB impact the operational of warteg as Wahyoo’s partner, and how Wahyoo help them to survive during this period?
  • Recommendations for entrepreneurs in moments of low liquidity?
  • And..many more exciting topics!

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