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Corporate Governance

Your Interest, Our Concern

Protecting your long-term interest is vital to us and our board of directors. View our policies and procedures to safeguard your long-term interest.

Corporate Governance

Exabytes Capital Group Sdn. Bhd. and all its subsidiaries globally (“Exabytes” or “we” or “us”) strive to follow a high standard of corporate governance in carrying out our day-to-day businesses so that we are able to GROW for at least 108 years. In order to achieve this mission, we would like to share with you that some of our main documented internal policies and procedures, which are supported by the Board of Directors and our Founder/ Chief Executive Officer (CEO):


-Exabytes Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy (including our Whistleblowing Policy/ Process) (ABAC Policy). See HERE.

Standards/ Code

-Exabytes Code of Conduct. See HERE.
-Exabytes Supplier Code of Conduct. See HERE.


To help us achieve our aim, we encourage you to report any violation of law (e.g. fraud, corruption or theft), abuse of power for personal gain, violation of Exabytes Code of Conduct and ABAC Policy by emailing your full complaint (i.e. date, nature, identity, witness) supported by evidence to [email protected].

We will keep good faith complaint and complainant confidential to the fullest extent possible and conduct investigation on complaint received. We will not tolerate any allegations that are proven to be malicious, including taking legal action, where applicable.

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Brand Terpercaya dan Terkemuka di Asia Tenggara

Dikenal dan diakui sebagai penyedia solusi web hosting, cloud, eCommerce, dan digital terkemuka di Asia Tenggara. Dipercaya oleh lebih dari 160.000 pelanggan di seluruh dunia.

Lebih dari Sekadar Penyedia Web Hosting

Kami adalah tempat terlengkap untuk semua yang Anda butuhkan dalam menghadirkan dan menumbuhkan bisnis Anda ke tingkat yang lebih tinggi secara online.

Layanan dan Produk Terbaru yang Andal

Kami dilengkapi dengan solusi digital terbaru setiap saat dan paling sesuai untuk kebutuhan dan kinerja bisnis Anda.

Kepuasan Pelanggan 100%

Produk dan layanan yang kami tawarkan telah terpercaya dan berhasil mencapai kepuasan pelanggan

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